autoworks_The-Works_Card_BackWhen you join our club, you'll be one of our privilged clients that will get to enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings over the next year. As a member, you'll reveive a special Car Care Club Card that is filled with all the following car care products and services:

• FREE - 3 Oil Changes ($89.97 Value) 
• FREE - Air Conditioning System Check ($41.50 Value) 
• FREE - Pair of Wiper Blades ($24.99 Value) 
• FREE - 27 Point Safety Check ($82.99 Value) 
• FREE - 2 Tiomes Flat Tire Repair ($39.99 Value) 
 FREE - 2 Complete Tire Rotation Balancing ($90.00 Value) 
• $25.00 OFF - Brake Service
• $50.00 OFF - 30k, 60k, 90k, 20k Service Packages
• 50% OFF - Full Detail ($50.00 Value)
 50% OFF - Complete Wheel Alignment ($30.00 Value)

Add up all these savings and you'll find that you could easily save up to $524.33 over the next year! But even if you don't use all the services on card the three free oil changes and free rotation and balancing are well worth the introductory price of$149.99.

You're not limited to using the card on only one car, so even if you're driving a newer car and may not need all of the services on the card, you can give it to a spouse or a friend and let them use it to save money on any repairs they may need. hey, at this low price, The Car Care Club card makes an excellent gift for anyone who owns a car!