Coolant system flush

When to Service:
Coolant system flush is recommended once a year. Some systems, depending on the type of coolant used, may go longer. The climate in your area may lead to servicing more often, for example in areas where ambient temperatures are go degrees and above, climates that go from extreme heat in the summer to cold in the winter, DMC technicians performing a cooling system inspection as part of our famous 27 point inspection will advise you when it is time.

The Service Includes:
• Visual inspection of complete system for coolant leaks, 
   cracked or deteriorated hoses, worn belts
• Clean debris from radiator cooling fins
• Check cooling fan operation
• Check water pump for leaks
• Check thermostat operation
• Add DMC ProFlush Cooling System Cleaner and run engine 
   until it has circulated through entire system
• Connect flush machine and flush complete system
• Fill system with the designated coolant for your vehicle
• Install Cooling System Sealer to systems to applicable systems
• Road test vehicle to insure there are no air pockets in system
• Dispose of old coolant according to our Environmentally 
   Sustainable Actions Certification Program

• Contributes to longer engine life
• Prevents cooling system from freezing in winter
• Prevents motor oil from overheating and breaking down more quickly
• Reduces corrosion and rust build up in engine

Special Issues:
Many automobiles today require special coolant bleeding procedures as well as specific types of coolants and lubricants and sealers. DMC's Technicians are experts in the procedures and use of the equipment required to properly flush your cooling system and in the many varieties of additives beneficial to automobile cooling and heating systems.